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Supreme Court to Rule on Payroll-Related Cases: What You Need to Know

The U.S. Supreme Court 2017-2018 session is under way and employers should pay close attention. The justices are expected to rule on several payroll cases specific to overtime, class actions, and joint employers. Here’s a look ahead at the biggest issues. Overtime […]

4 Common Human Resources Problems and How to Handle Them

If you’re in HR, and you find yourself struggling, you’re not alone. HR is a field that presents many unique challenges. From supporting a positive work environment and mediating conflicts to upholding company standards and guidelines, HR departments cover a lot of […]

Now’s the Time to Share Your Thoughts About the New Overtime Rule

The Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division has announced a new request for information concerning the still-in-limbo overtime rule that revised the federal Fair Labor Standards Act’s salary thresholds for overtime eligibility. The request is the DOL’s way of obtaining public comments […]