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Why HR is Important to Any Company

It goes without saying that building a successful company is hard work. But trying to build a successful company without the help of a dedicated human resources department is nearly impossible. And yet, surprisingly, many people don’t know the function of a […]

iSolved Blog: What is iSolved Connect?

Have you heard about iSolved Connect? Maybe you’ve heard a few details but aren’t sure if it’s the right event for you to attend or how it will benefit you. You have come to the right place! Read on to learn everything […]

4 Best Practices in Human Resource Management

The primary goal of human resource management is to cultivate a company culture that is organized, consistent and supportive of both employee and company goals. As an HR manager, you must set the company up for success by establishing a great working […]

How to Manage Employee Time Off Requests

At the start of the year, many managers and business owners are attempting to sort through time off requests and fairly allot vacation days to their teams. It’s impossible to allow every member of your team to take time off simultaneously, so […]