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Why Your Recruitment Strategy Isn’t Working and How to Fix It

Tuesday December 12th 2017

The job market is more competitive now than ever before. With the advancement of technology and social media, companies are finding new and creative ways to reach and engage with job seekers. Gone are the days of simply posting your job listing online and waiting for the talent to come to you. If you want to strengthen your team by bringing in the best possible candidates, you’ll need to work harder to seek them out and engage with them personally.

The talent is out there, so if you’re attempts to attract new hires is coming up empty, it’s not the job seeking population that’s lacking. It’s most likely your recruitment strategy that needs an overhaul.

Here are 4 ways to improve your recruitment strategy so your company can start attracting the right people to complement your team.

Seek Out the Talent

For job seekers, sorting through job postings online can make nearly impossible to distinguish one company from another. Unless your job posting is absolutely stellar, it’s likely that you’ll just blend in with the competition. And when you’re recruiting the best talent, blending in is exactly what you don’t want to do.

Instead of posting an ad, why not consider sending your message straight into the hands of the candidates you’re seeking? As smartphones have become increasingly more important in our daily lives, many companies have started using text campaigns to reach potential recruits. Text campaigns, or conversational advertising, allow you to engage in a personal conversation with job seekers. It creates a personal connection that sets a positive tone for your interview process.

Another great way to reach your potential job candidates is through the use of retargeting ads. A retargeting ad acts as an automatic follow-up with anyone who has clicked on your ad or visited your website. It keeps your company at the forefront of their search, and is particularly effective with people who aren’t actively seeking a new job right away but who may be looking to change jobs in the future. By using a retargeting ad, you’ll guarantee that the people who have shown interest in you won’t forget about your company when they’re ready to make a change.

And, of course, when you’re hoping to start a conversation with a potential new hire, social media cannot be overlooked as a useful tool. Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, and especially LinkedIn to connect with job seekers.

Articulate Your Needs

One critical error in recruiting is not communicating the details clearly enough. First and foremost, when a job becomes available within your company, it’s important to have a conversation with your recruiters about exactly who you’re looking for to fill the position. Discuss your recruitment goals and what you are hoping to achieve. Having a thorough discussion about these details will help ensure that you find, attract and acquire the caliber of candidates that you need to round out your team. Without such conversations, it’s possible to end up with candidates who won’t meet the requirements, or who don’t align with the company objectives and values. Create a candidate persona for your recruiters so they know exactly who they’re looking for and accept nothing but the best.

Additionally, it’s important to be more detailed in your job descriptions that are shared with potential candidates. Don’t leave them guessing about what the job entails, what’s expected of anyone on your team, and why you are interested in them as a potential hire. Being clear with your communication from the start will ensure that only the most qualified candidates apply for the position and will also establish a great foundation of open communication through the onboarding process.

Increase Brand Awareness

Many companies recognize the value of branding from a sales perspective. Great brands help create great customers. But did you know that your branding, if done right, can also attract new talent to your team? Companies who focus their efforts on great branding create a more personal connection with not only their potential clients, but also their potential new hires.

Increase brand awareness with the use of content marketing through social media and blogging. A well written blog can introduce the core values of your company, while also providing useful tips and information to your readers. Demonstrate your investment in your community on your blog or through social media, and new talent is sure to find you.

Amp Up Your Offerings

Let’s not forget that job recruitment is highly competitive. Your company is looking for the best talent, but so is every other company in your industry. Re-examine your offerings, such as your health insurance, 401k offerings, vacation time and sick leave to see if there is anywhere that you can improve. Compare your benefits packages to others within the industry to ensure that you stay competitive and don’t lose the best talent due to lackluster offerings.

Ultimately, if your recruitment strategy is failing, it’s most likely due to a lack of personal connection. Everything in business these days is about making that connection and nurturing relationships, and it is now easier than ever to do that thanks to the many advancements in technology and social networking. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to recruiting talent to fill out your team. Put your best foot forward and make sure that every step of your recruitment process attracts exactly the right people.

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