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How to Boost Your Employee Retention Rate Without Busting Your Budget

With the job market becoming increasingly more competitive, many companies are scrambling to provide unique benefits to employees in an effort to decrease their turnover rates. Through offering better benefits packages, higher salaries and expensive perks, some companies have even succeeded in […]

4 Tips for Increasing Employee Learning Retention

Learning and recalling new information is critical to your professional success. However, this must be a conscious effort, according to Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist who is famous for creating  the forgetting curve, which demonstrates the rates at which new information is […]

New NYC Law Gives Workers Power to Alter Work Schedules

Starting this July, employers in New York City will be required to allow workers to make temporary work schedule changes for qualifying personal events. The New York City Council passed the bill in January that allows for two such changes per year. […]

Why HR is Important to Any Company

It goes without saying that building a successful company is hard work. But trying to build a successful company without the help of a dedicated human resources department is nearly impossible. And yet, surprisingly, many people don’t know the function of a […]

iSolved Blog: What is iSolved Connect?

Have you heard about iSolved Connect? Maybe you’ve heard a few details but aren’t sure if it’s the right event for you to attend or how it will benefit you. You have come to the right place! Read on to learn everything […]